Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lose weight without suffering with The Intuitive Diet.

Release stress around eating choices by using your intuition.

Americans have been struggling with diets and exercise to maintain a fashionable weight for over 50 years. It’s no secret that it’s not really working. With classic 20th century dieting, our emotions drive us. Often for dieters there is guilt, self-loathing, and stress around eating. 20th century dieting usually means suffering, restrictions and most likely only a temporary fix. Images in the media often distort our self-image, and this, too, hits us emotionally. The good news is: intuitive eating lets you end this cycle of emotion driven self-abuse that is often experienced as over-eating, or self-induced starving. Instead of trying to control your eating, The Intuitive Diet works with your body.

Diets are by definition, restrictive. Feeling restricted creates stress. Stress can create weight gain and prevent weight loss. Intuitive eating works physically, emotionally, and intellectually to create your natural weight because the focus is on feeling healthy, not restrictions or weight loss. It’s the weight to go. Instead of stress, you feel satisfied. As a result of using your intuitive tools, you will recognize what works and doesn’t work for you. You will discover your common sense, and in the process, you will achieve the weight that makes sense for your body and your lifestyle.

By fine tuning your senses, you will learn to recognize eating choices that feel good the next day . It’s as easy as deciding you’re ready to do it. “It takes as much stress to be a success as it does to be a failure.” Emilo James Trujillo

It’s time to change your relationship with food and eating. When you are driven to have a certain “look”, you push your self to eat or diet at a pace that ignores what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. The result is you feel stressed and have dulled your senses. When the senses are ignored we make the wrong connections! You see a plate of brownies and eat on auto-pilot, or you sit in front of the TV and eat an entire bag of chips! Are you comforting your self or are you being hostile to your body? As you connect with your senses you will start to notice connections with your body.

Intuitive eating connects you with values that define a quality of life every one needs. It is understanding the way balanced eating feels and knowing when you’re satisfied. It puts you in touch with your body so that you really are in control of your eating. And there is no suffering.

Intuitive eating is being in control of your self, what you eat, and how it happens. As you connect with the satisfaction of intuitive eating, you will feel good. Your relationship with food will change. You will feel good about your self. People who are ‘naturally’ slim have two powerful traits. First, they trust their intuition about what to eat. Second, they have core tools that keep them on track, which are always accessible. In fact, we can all do this. Everyone can connect with their intuitive tools, and learn to use and depend on them. With practice, it gets easy.

What is intuition?
Intuition is your 6th sense. It is your internal guidance system. Intuition is like your sense of hearing, a passive way of receiving. It is like your eyes and can be focused. It is like taste and smell, because you can savor and develop it. And intuition is like touch because it can comfort, or shock you. In fact, your intuition is how your five basic senses interact. You can always access your intuition. Pleasure and protection are the supreme gifts of our senses. When our senses are finely tuned, so are we!

How do I do it?
Begin to eat intuitively by simply renewing appreciation of your five basic senses- taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound. You will discover it is refreshing. Doing this will make a drinking a cup of coffee, eating a fresh peach, or walking through the supermarket, a brand new experience. This is the attitude of embracing your intuition. Start today. It is said that those who gain experience while retaining a beginner’s state of mind become long-term survivors. The benefit of intuitive eating is a long-term reality.

You will start to release your stress when you pay attention to your senses.
As you do this you’ll notice your own energy flow. That’s because our senses are how we receive and share energy. Listen carefully, and you will discover that you have insights about your hunger and your appetites. Use your eyes and you will recognize things that you thought you missed and you will feel literally, more awake. Energy is a subtle as breathing or as obvious as running a mile. Peace of mind, the body you want, and enjoying meals is at hand.

Children notice every thing. They are open to what they’re seeing hearing tasting and smelling. Adults tend to sleep walk through their sensory experiences – except for extreme pain or extreme pleasure. Your senses are all about different kinds of personal pleasures. Discover the energy and pleasures of your senses by being more childlike. It’s a very cool way to release stress.

As you learn to use and depend on your intuitive tools, and you will be able to recognize and handle hunger, frustration, stress, temptation, and satisfaction, around eating, so that you look and feel good. Connect with your senses and enjoy it. It's time to stop suffering and to start enjoying eating. Doing this, you will connect with your self intuitively, eat what makes sense and feel liberated.

Welcome to 21st century eating.


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