Sunday, March 21, 2010


As you recognize your body when you’re hungry, you connect with your mind. Then you know how you want to eat. By respecting your senses, you give your body good energy from your heart through the intuitive balancing connection. That gives you a good feeling about what you’re eating.

Are you juiced? Being juiced is when you really feel alive.  That feeling happens when you tune into your senses.  Here are 2 examples:

Have you ever felt like you were on fire, in a good way?  Have you ever suddenly realized as you walked along that you were smelling flowers blooming, but as you looked for them you couldn’t really see them on the hill, but it didn’t matter. And the smell was everywhere..
>That’s a kind of juice- smells, aromas, anticipation, signals, pleasures

Did you ever get in to bed, take a deep breathe in and realize that you are bone tired, and had been too busy to notice, until as you now exhale. Then a second later, the bed is incredibly good, the gentle firm kind of good that that holds you just right, letting your whole spine relax. You can feel it.
>That’s a kind of juice- touch, feel, inside and outside of your body, signals, comfort, pleasure

Are you juiced now?
No?  Well, if not, perhaps you’re not getting enough sleep.

Did you know that when you get enough sleep, that it’s easier to loose weight? I learned this from an intuitive eater. He said, when you relax your body, your digestive process is healthier.

I asked him how he knew this, and he looked right into my eyes and gave me the kind of smile that made me feel juiced.

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