Friday, March 19, 2010

Celebrate Your Self!

It’s time to celebrate, celebrate ourselves!
Yes, we are on the cusp of Spring and every fantasy and reality it brings! Trust that feeling of excitement, and let your senses guide you to eat to celebrate your Life.

Eating Cake with dignity:
Betty Jo wrote: Tomorrow is my birthday, and I promise to eat my cake with dignity.

This is an example of how natural and easy it is to eat intuitively. Betty Jo has made a promise to herself to connect with what feels dignified to her when she celebrates her birthday! Wow, it is an amazing feeling that happens when we make that kind of commitment.  Try it. That feeling is a direct connection with your intuition. As soon as you decide to eat cake in a way that honors your body and your emotions at the same time, you are activating your intuitive connection. Congratulations, Betty Jo!

Betty Jo Tucker is a highly respected film critic and self-confessed movie addict.  Her weekly radio show is full of zero calorie tasty insights and tidbits, and her love affair with the big screen is contagious.  Happy Birthday, Betty Jo! 

We all have a coordinating and guidance system inside us. We call it gut instinct, or 6th sense, or our intuition. The coordinating job of intuition is to connect messages you get from your 5 senses with your emotions and thoughts, and to prioritize them so that your best interests are served. Some people seem to have a more pronounced 6th sense than others because these people trust their 6th sense. A commitment to feed your self cake with dignity is the beginning to connecting with this empowering natural gift.

This is a fact that you can absolutely depend on:
Your intuition is never destructive.

Linda wrote: I don’t know if I will be as strong as you when faced with a similar temptation.

20th century diets are full of reward and punishment. Most of the punishment is self inflicted either as demeaning conversation with yourself or by physically abusing your body with binging or purging. 20th century diets are based on you not liking your body! OUCH!  These diets create a mentality where you are constantly passing judgment on your self, judging if you are being ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  This is not intuitive. Suspicions and doubts are attitudes that interfere with the ability to listen to your 6th sense.

Self-judging short circuits your intuition because is it shows a distrust of yourself. Ask yourself this question:  If you cannot trust your self, who can you trust?

The first step to being an intuitive eater is making a decision to be deeply honest with yourself about your thoughts, your feelings and what you want for your body. Linda suspects that she is weak around cake, and she doubts that she will be “strong”.  The fact that she wrote this shows that she is open to seeing herself trying to eat cake with dignity. That takes strength to say! Linda, when you long for a solution, it’s natural to feel restless. Don’t interpret that as fear, instead see it as an opportunity to honor who you are. Part of eating with dignity is to trust your self.  When you trust your intuition to focus you in the protective direction of your eating goals, you will find it easier to make decisions that feel good to your body. 

To connect with her intuitive truth, there are 3 steps for Linda: (1) recognize her emotional urge to eat a lot of cake, (2) connect with what she really believes about this and how her body feels, and (3) commit to herself, to use dignity and enjoy eating the cake.

Once you realize that you are in control, there is no need to allow self-defeating judgments to drive your eating.  Instead you will recognize that by listening to your 6th sense, you feel a calm inner balance. Balance is what keeps us in the comfort zone of being self-protective. 

Every step, whether it’s a baby step or a leap, is huge as we connect with our intuition. Congratulations, Linda!  Your honest comment tells me that you are on your way.

Access your intuition by being honest with yourself. You can’t lie to your self and connect with your 6th sense at the same time. But have no fear, just like your eyes see, even when you are not ‘looking’ and your ears respond to sound, even when you are not ‘listening’, your intuition never abandons you.

Celebrate your choices by using your 5 senses to connect with your intuition. Spring is a time of new beginnings. Every meal is an opportunity to begin eating with dignity. We know from experience that everything worth achieving takes effort.  Being and intuitive eater is a new experience. Honor your efforts by not judging your self.   

Visualize your ideal body when you eat and as you eat, Celebrate your Self.

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