Sunday, March 28, 2010

Self Sabotage

Not using your 6 senses is a form of self sabotage. It's leaving yourself in the desert of Life without water. Notice what you sense to know what you need.

Intuitive thinking is a way of being tuned into yourself and the bigger picture. Your 6 senses keep you in touch with your body, heart, mind and soul. Don't sabotage a great meal or miss a Life opportunity by ignoring what you sense.

When you chose to live intuitively, you are making the choice to be clear about what you are eating.  Intuitive tools with your five senses give you skills to do this. Your sixth sense balances messages from your body about hunger with what your senses reveal about your eating choice at the instant you begin a meal.

The habit of not using your senses while judging what you eat, is a form of self- sabotage. This habit is like wearing blinders and earplugs when you go to an event - You really can’t know what’s happening. Passing judgment while you eat is listening to negative thoughts about the past or the future that have no connection with your meal at all. Certainly you are not connecting with your food or enjoying eating.

When we don’t use our senses, we perceive what we’re doing incorrectly. How can you know what you’re eating when you don’t look at your meal, taste it, smell it, or feel it enter your body? Eating is supposed to be sensual. It is intuitive to relax and enjoy your food with your senses. Try it and you will find a smile on your face.

Decide to let go of negative thoughts in your head when you eat. The past is history. Allow yourself to be present. The way to do this is to chose to respect and trust your self and commit to using your senses to enjoy your food. Remember: To respect your self is to protect your self.

Spring is in the air. True love is a combination of trust and honor. Spring is a perfect time to fall in love with your self. Really trust your heart, body, mind, and six senses to protect you and let that love honor who you are when you eat.


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