Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feel the Buzz- Connect with Your Intuition and Lose Weight

Feel the BUZZ! Connect with your intuition, you will lose weight, and fine tune your life. Fine tuning your senses connects you with your intuition, and that puts you in control of your appetites.

We are living through times of massive change. The rug is being pulled out from under our feet economically, environmentally, politically, culturally, and in ways we don’t even recognize. Fine tuning your senses is the art of changing with the times. It is a way of using your natural gifts of the 6 senses to connect with what you want, need, and must deal with in order to get results in your life that make it feel right. Fine tuning and connecting with your intution is the way to get through these changes and come out feeling good.

Connecting with your intuition is as natural as breathing and as powerful. When you are fine tuned you are in sync with your body. You feel the Buzz. Intuitive eating is eating what you really want when your really want it. There are tool we use to do this. I'll start blogging about them soon.

Fine tuning your 5 senses helps you recognize your appetites. It puts you in control so you will achieve balance in everything you do from dealing with eating to being your right weight, from knowing what’s important, to knowing what it’s like to feel beautiful. Fine tuning your senses creates a renewed level of human connection, and people who fine tune feel the Buzz.

What are you hungry for? Healthy eating is like healthy dating. Sometimes we go for flash or size or smell or taste, or we give in to peer pressure. Other times we go for what’s good for us. Your intuition will go for what's good for you every time. Absolutely!

Until you connect with your appetites, you can’t know what you’re hungry for. The way to connect is by using your 6th sense, which is your intuition.

Start connecting with your intuition today by hearing, smelling, seeing, tasting, and touching your food. *Hear what makes sense about food choices. *Look at what is on your plate before you eat it. *Smell food before you put it in your mouth. *Taste your food as you chew it. *Touch what you eat. This will probably slow down your eating so you won't have as much time to eat and you will eat less, and that's a good thing. It's all part of the magic of your intuition.

Anonymous posted the comment: How does intuitive eating help me lose weight?
When you fine tune your intuition your become aware of your body in ways that you now may take it for granted. Using your senses puts you in control of your body and what you eat. Instead of seeing foods as bad or good, your intuition gives you a fresh perspective on eating and a handle on achieving your weight goals. If your are committed to losing weight, you will! That is a promise.



Anonymous said...

How can intuitive eating hlep met keep of weight I lose?

Cher'ley said...

I believe that too. You have to be tuned into your cravings. I think it's better to give your body a little of what it's craving, get 'er done. LOL.