Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Eating Challenge

It takes courage to maintain your intuitive connection through challenging eating situations. Learn to recognize hot buttons to make good choices.

Courage is when you recognize what you know, and you respect who you are. Courage is following through with what feels good to your body.

You may need to eat bread with your meal, or protein, or you may just feel like having yogurt. You may decide that you had such a big lunch that you will just have an appetizer for dinner. Sounds simple, but it takes courage.

Challenging eating situations happen every day. We feel tempted or starved, or like there is no choice, or like pleasing others. None of this is real. The truth is we have abundant food and only have to please ourselves

The challenge to be true to physical needs, while feeling pressure from stress or from exhaustion, is often the result of not trusting what you intuitively know your body needs. It's natural to tune-in to your body. In fact, when you do, eating what works for you long term becomes easier.

Take the eating challenge and observe yourself around food. Use your eyes, your ears, taste, touch, and smell. Notice messages from your stomach and notice how you feel in your heart and your head. Fine tune your senses.

As you do this you will recognize habits that end up making you feel badly about your self. When it's time to eat, use your senses to smell, taste, and see what you are eating, and think about how your body feels and what you want for your self. Give your self a chance.

Intuition is a kind of natural courage. Connect with your it, and eat only what you know and feel is right. When you tune into your body, and your hunger with courage, you recognize your eating needs. Then you trust your self and take control of feeding your hunger. It's probably not something that you thought about before. So, give yourself a chance to think. Take a deep breathe in and now breathe out really, really slowly until there is nothing inside. Good.

It takes courage to recognize and trust your self.
It takes courage to stand up for your self.
It takes courage do what is right.
It takes courage to acknowledge what you need.

It takes courage to recognize habits, but if you don’t, you will never be happy with your weight. Ignoring your senses, your body, and what you know, creates a vicious cycle when you eat, and all it takes to stop, is connecting with the courage to follow your truth.  Ah yes, that is the eating challenge.

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