Friday, March 12, 2010

Wake up to your life potential!

When you respect your self, You protect your self
Intuitive eating is a commitment to respect your self.

Everything about your senses makes sense because your intuition connects what you sense with your brain and your heart.  As you fine tune and follow your intuition, you will discover that you see and understand your food options differently.

Your palm is both a connector and an enabler. The same is true of your intuition.  Your fingers work together because of your palm.  Just like your palm connects your fingers with your mind and heart,  your intuition provides communication between your five senses and connects this input to your body, mind, and heart. If you hurt your palm, it’s hard for your fingers to work together to catch a ball or hold a baby.   When you ignore your intuition, which is your 6th sense, your other five senses cannot work to your fullest advantage. This leaves you physically, intellectually, and emotionally handicapped, and not realizing your natural potential.

The more you pay attention to you senses, the easier it will become to recognize signals from your body.  You will relate to your body differently. The result is you will know which foods work best for your needs and when your needs change.

Suppose you're in a restaurant and a plate of food is placed in front of you.  Visualize the body you are about to feed as your ideal body.  Before you pick up your fork, smell your food.  Next, look at it.  Now, what do you feel, and what do you think?  How hungry are you?  Is there too much food on the plate for your body to feel good?  Does your feeling make sense?  Maybe this is not the right meal!? Maybe it's exactly what you need..

Remember the role of all of your senses is to provide pleasure and protection. Making the connection between what you sense and what you think is a big step and the very beginning of recognizing your private source of self protection, your 6th sense, your intuition. This is exciting.

Respecting your senses by recognizing them and responding to what you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is a way of respecting your self. Intuitive eating is a total immersion experience because it involves your senses, your body, your mind and your heart. Wanting to connect with your senses is the way to begin. Quietly you will open your mind as well as your heart to trust your self.  Making the choice that honors who you are gives a new perspective every time you have a meal.

Intuitive eating refreshes, recharges and renews your awareness of what you eat.  With the intuitive diet, eating only makes sense when your food feels good to your body, tastes fresh to your mouth, smells good, and look appetizing, is how you respect your self.    

The intuitive eating lifestyle includes making the commitment to give your self the chance to succeed. This is part of being true to your self.  A fact about human nature is that until we believe we are doing the right thing there is a chance we will draw back.  Don't take that chance.  Make a commitment to pay attention to what you notice.  You can ignore the facts but you cannot change them.

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