Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Eating Lifestyle and A Quality of Life

Man your Ships, and may the Force be with you.” 
Star Wars, George Lucas

Your ‘Ships’ are your 5 basic senses:
   Taste,     Touch,     Seeing,    Hearing   and    Smell.
The ‘Force’ is your 6th sense, your Intuition.

Look at your hand, and think of your five fingers as your five senses, and your palm as your intuition. Your palm connects your five fingers. In fact, if you hurt your palm it’s hard to pick up a book or hold a glass. The way your fingers work well together is through being connected by your palm.  

Think of your palm as your intuition and your fingers as your five senses. Just like your fingers work together, usually your different senses work together. You hear a noise and turn to see. Or you see something, smell it and then taste it, or touch something and then smell it. Your senses are your source of recognizing what you are looking at, what’s touching you, or a tone of voice.

It is natural to use all of your senses when you eat. Taste and smell join together in their double roles of safety and seduction by warning of danger when foods are spoiled, or you may be excited by the smell and taste, of your favorite meal. You see attractive, desirable food, and also what looks fattening or poorly prepared. You may hear the crunchy sound of food that’s fresh, or sizzling of food that’s hot, and we know when each is right to eat.
         You touch food with your hands as well as your mouth. Sometimes it feels rotten or too hard, or is too tough to chew, or has a consistency that you spit out. Other times you may enjoy biting into a crisp apple, or enjoy the succulent texture of kobe beef. Your intuition gives you pleasure and protection by heightening all of your other senses. It is the invisible glue that unifies and balances your perceptions.

What is intuitive eating?
Intuitive eating is an eating lifestyle that focuses on enjoying food for quality of life. It is about eating for pleasure from a personal place of integrity that includes nourishing and respecting your senses, mind, heart, and body, simultaneously. Intuitive eaters are a healthy weight. When we use our intuition, our mind and body work together, and there is a surge of gentle energy that we recognize as being in sync with our self.

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