Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lights are flashing!

Feed your ideal body.

Instead of rejecting your body which every dieter does out of habit, think about the real you.  Acknowledge what bugs you about your shape, and think about how you ideally see your body.  Give your body some love by seeing it as healthy, flexible, and attractive. The way to show love to your body is to trust it.

Trust that by fine tuning your senses and connecting with your hunger and your appetites, your body will  adjust to become your ideal self-image. Appreciate your self and your efforts.  Work with the messages from your body. Let your intuition guide you.

Sounds obvious, but it isn’t.  Sounds like a given, but it’s so taken for granted we ignore trusting our inner self! We do it the same way we ignore what we see, hear, or feel.  We ignore our heart the same way we ignore our body when we eat.  We’re a mess!

Lights are flashing, gongs are banging, and we eat destructively.  Why? Because we don’t pay attention to our body, and we ignore the insights we’re getting 24/7 from our six senses.

Use your intuition to balance your eyes with your heart and mind. You will see your real potential

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