Monday, March 15, 2010

What are you thinking?

When you choose pay attention to your intuition, you are creating a loop that includes your mind, heart, and body. Intuition balances and connects the energies from these. Now that you are starting to fine tune your 5 senses, open your self up to enjoying the pleasures they bring. Start listening to your 6th sense and feel a broad smile across your face.
Visualize having your ideal body and feed that body the next time you eat.
Your body is the home of your heart and mind,
and your body is the source of great pleasure and satisfaction in your life. 
Look within. 
The secret is inside you. 
(Hui Neng)

Intent means taking time our to reflect on what you are doing several times during the day in order to focus on and remember what matters to you. Your intent will be different depending on what you are doing. When you are driving, what matters to you at that moment is your safety. If you are with someone that you love, what matters is that you are communicating. If you are doing your job, you want to do your best, or if you are brushing your teeth, you will want to reach those hidden spots where potential decay lurks. Now that you are an intuitive eater, what are you thinking when you grab a bite to eat? What is your intent?

If you’re thinking about what you just did or what you want to do you are eating in a way that is unconscious. This is bad for your body because it’s like putting fuel in the tank of your car without seeing if it the right kind and you know all about the burps, bumps and grinds, not to mention downright ruination that can occur if you put diesel fuel in your car. It’s like washing all of your clothes without looking to see what colors they are and what could shrink, shred, or bleed. Of course, your body is not a car but it does need fuel. Your body is not a washing machine but you do put all kinds of stuff in it that may or may not fit or blend well. What are you thinking about when you put food in your body?

Intent means being conscious of why do what you do. In fact, intent is a way of actually realizing what you want. When you use your senses as you eat you will realize what you’re eating, how you feel about it and if it’s what your body needs.

As an intuitive eater acting with intent means that you create within your self positive and productive energy that supports your eating goals. Your intention to lose weight, or to eat smart will pave the way to the body you want. When you use your 6 senses to connect with what matters to you, intent helps your support your desires.

Remember, your intuition balances messages from your senses, your brain and your heart. Every time you think about what is really important to you, energy is focused from your mind to your heart and back to your mind. That is your intuitive connection.

Think about your ideal body. Imagine that you are living with your ideal body. Feed your ideal body the next time you eat. What you chose to think about is what you will create with your intent.

The next time you eat, look at what is on your plate. Smell the aromas of what you eat. Put your fork down and in your mind, imagine that you will feed your ideal body. Thing about what you are putting into your body. Slowly begin, be sure to chew well so you really taste your food. Use your intuition to know how your stomach feels and use intent to listen to all of your senses.
Using intent is a way to protect your self by respecting your self. That’s intuitive.

Make it your intention to treat your body like it is the home of your heart and mind, and the source of pleasure and satisfaction in your life because it is.  Enjoy. 

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