Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Zig Zag Eating

If you are caught in a cycle of dieting you may be a zig zag eater.

You are a zig zag eater when you pre-judge your self- by looking forward to protect your self from imagined results of eating, by looking backwards - to undo what you have done. Being a zig zag eater means what you eat is driven by doubts, habits, and fears, and feels like confusion around eating. 

Confusion creates doubts that your body looks ‘good’ and then blames food on your plate as the reason. It is like judging a book by its cover. Open the book and read it: Your body right now is breathing, digesting, supporting your vital organs, and holds the keys to your dreams.  Use your senses to pay attention and recognize messages from your body.

Intuitive eating is a focus on you, your body, mind, emotions and your 5 senses. It is not about comparing your body or rate of dieting progress with others.  Doing this raises all kinds of emotional flags, like envy or resentment. If you are busy looking forward and also looking at the past, the present just slips by.  By using your senses of smell, taste, touch, seeing and hearing when you eat, you will force your mind to stay in the present. This way, you will find your emotional doubts are not so big.  Intuition connects you with a real time perspective about who your are, what your appetite is for and your hunger.

Your intuition works in the present. The job of intuition is to make sure that the present evolves in a way that clearly focuses on your best interests. If you need to lose weight, you will.  When you base your eating on your past, or choose what you eat based on what you anticipate in the future, you are ignoring what your body needs right now, and not using your intuition.

Instead of zig zagging between what happened in the past and what could happen in the future, stay clear about where you are. Your body will look and feel better.

Begin to be an intuitive eater one meal at a time.

Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet tunes you in to how to use your intuition when you eat. Move forward to eating less and a new you.


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