Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cravings and Candy

Change cravings to the comfort and pleasures of self-respect in 15 minutes. 

Every emotional dip on the roller coaster of living is a time of heightened cravings. Family and friends ask, what do you want? Our classic response is emotional, physical and social! When teased by sweets, we see food not only with our eyes, but also with our heart. Intuitive eaters use dignity to tune-in and trust their gut/heart response.

If you expect to be in a stressful eating environment, eat a hard boiled egg before you go out. It will take the edge off of your hunger, provide healthy protein and is an easy way to know you're in control of what you eat.

Did you know it takes a full 15 minutes for your brain to know that your stomach has had a sweet treat?  Use that 15 minutes to give yourself times to socialize or relax! This way you will give your head time it needs recognizes if you still are physically craving sweets. What will happens during the 15 minutes is, your other priorities will become exciting. Try it! You will be surprised.  

You might just eat 1/2 of what you crave and then use the 15 minute rule before you go for more. During your 15 minutes, imagine how you feel when you take control of your choices. You feel pretty good!  When you're hit with emotional stress, keep an open mind, stay clear about what matters to you. 

Everyone is unique. Eating is a personal experience. Trust your physical process to be the best you can be. Acknowledge cravings and stay clear about what matters to you in the long run at the same time. Eat less, taste more because you can. While you eat a piece of chocolate, be sure to really taste and enjoy it. Make your senses and loving your body a priority when you eat. 

The difference between intuitive eating and eating 'unhealthy' cravings is, you feel good about yourself an hour after you eat with dignity. When bullied by emotional eating demands, you feel lousy about yourself an hour later.

You can balance what you crave with what you need. Eating a square of chocolate because it makes you feel good and you like the way it tastes, is healthy. Chocolate is an anti-oxident. Your body uses anti oxidents help to clean pollution from your system.  Craving to eat something can mean that your body needs it. Yes, even chocolate!  You can work with and satisfy your body by trusting what you sense in your gut.  

Social, emotional needs, and physical needs are equally important. We all crave and need respect and affection.  The first person to get if from is you. Respond to your needs by going after what you really want. Make yourself happy

Learn more practical tips for eating intuitively, by knowing  how to take control of what pushes your buttons with Am I Really Hungry - 6th sense eating. As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! You are amazing.
Trust your process. 
Intuitively you know what makes you feel good.