Monday, April 12, 2010

Connect with Pleasure

Eating is a way to connect with pleasure in your life. Of course you eat to survive, but the gifts of your senses also encourage and allow you to enjoy the tease of colors, sights, smells, textures, and tastes. That’s one reason why it’s nice to eat slowly and in an environment where you are physically comfortable. Why not enjoy the tease?

As you fine tune your five physical senses, taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight, you are tuning in to your sixth sense, your intuition.
Your intuition gives you the distinct pleasure of knowing your self.

Connecting with your intuition happens naturally because, in fact, all of your senses are always working together. Being aware of this, keeps you clear about what matters to you when you eat. This is comforting and reassuring, and a form of being in control. Being in control means you are clear about what you are doing when you are eating. If you sit down to eat confused, or ignore what you are sensing, then misunderstanding happens, and the result is overeating, or eating for the wrong reasons, or eating what makes you feel physically or emotionally bad about yourself. This is the opposite of pleasure.

Do you know that expression: Wake up and smell the roses.”?  The point is that there are flowers blooming in your life all of the time- even while you’re asleep, or eating. The other point is that your nose enables you to enjoy their sweet scent. Have you ever walked in a room and smelled cookies baking, or someone’s perfume? Your sense a smell is a tool to use when you chose what to eat.

Each sense serves as a pleasure center.
Your eyes tantalize by revealing beauty and potential.
Your ears bring words and songs to encourage, lift and entertain.
Your sense of touch is the key some of your most tender and most erotic sensations.
Taste and smell work together as a constant source of satisfaction.
Your intuition pulls it altogether.

Trust and respect your senses. As you recognize your senses working in unison, you will receive the most satisfaction of your life. Satisfaction is the foundation of pleasure. When you sit down to eat, think of the pleasures in front of you.

Eat less, chew more, and let yourself enjoy the tease.

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