Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let your senses guide you.

Don’t resist your natural knowledge. You know much more then you realize.  Use your senses to realize how amazing you are.

Sometimes when you decide to lose weight, eating seems to be the problem but, it's not. Eating without noticing what you notice or how your body feels leads to overeating.  Instead of seeing eating as an obstacle to losing weight, use the natural tools of your 6 senses to relax around eating. Then you can more easily recognize and respond to energy flowing from your senses and use it to be in sync with your body when you eat.

1. Notice messages from your body. Tune in. Are you hungry? How hungry? What do you feel like eating?

2. Notice your eyes. Look at your plate. What do you see? Does the food please you? Does it look enormous? Does it look fattening? Does it look boring?

3. Recognize your nose. Smell your food. Does the smell make you want to eat it?

4. Intuition is a connector.  It connects the messages from your senses, with what you feel, and what you know. Recognize the role of your intuition. Use it to pause, and breathe in and out, 3 times. This will relax you and aid your thinking and your digestion. Your body will burn calories more efficiently and you will eat less.

5. Make sure the portion is not bigger than your fist. If it is- remove the extra from your plate.

6. Use your senses of taste and touch. Eat slowly, and ENJOY your meal.

Make it easy to lose weight by not resisting what you know by using your 6 senses. In the beginning, this will seem like very little because you are not used to realizing what you notice. But by deciding to be open to what you notice, suddenly you will see the food on your plate from a new perspective.

In fact, you know what you feel like eating and how eating makes you feel. You have the answers. We are all part of things we cannot control. Still, you can see where you are and where you want to be, and point your self consciously in that direction by using your senses to guide your eating choices. This way, you can control your self.

See eating as the solution. Use your senses of taste, smell, sight, and touch and listen to your heart and mind. Intuitive eating is a choice to make to reach your eating goals for the best quality of life. Doing what is in your best interest makes sense.

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