Thursday, April 15, 2010

Say Hello to your Heart!

When you think about eating only in terms of body and calories, you are by-passing the core of who you are. The core of who you are beats 24/7, and is the source of your dreams.  Say Hello to your Heart!
Your intuition is a natural part of who you are, just like your eyes, ears, taste, touch, and sense of smell. It is your 6th sense and part of your heart connection. Intuition is your way to sense being complete and balanced within your self. Trusting your intuition is how to recognize eating priorities that work for your body and your heart. 

Your 6th sense automatically responds to messages from your 5 senses and to what is happening in your body.  At the same time your amazing intuition balances what you know, with what you feel. The job of your intuition is keep you clear about your priorities. As you recognize your 6th sense, you feel complete from head to toe. It becomes obvious that your body depends on your heart, and that your heart depends on your body. When we eat, feeding our heart and our body, our priorities are good health, and abundant energy. 

The-Intuitive-Diet is an eating lifestyle that nurtures your heart by being good to your body. In fact, by keeping your body in shape and a weight that is healthy, you are honoring your heart.

Before you eat, take a deep breath in and a long breath out, and notice the beating of your heart. Your heart is always working for you, to achieve your goals and dreams. Remember this, and use your senses, including common sense, when you eat.

When you start to trust your intuitive connection, you say Hello to your Heart!

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