Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Emotional Buttons and the Heart

Emotional hot buttons create self-doubt. To lose weight using your intuition, you need to know and trust your self.

Trusting your intuitive voice removes the confused energy of self-doubt, and opens opportunities for you to make choices that feel good to your body, and your heart. Your intuition is always kind, and allows making and correcting mistakes. Eating mistakes are generally the result of emotional confusion around food and eating.

As you fine tune your senses, you are constantly renewing a unique human connection within your self. This connection will keep you in the present, providing clarity and focus about what matters. Your six senses will help you recognize the power not only of your physical appetite, but also of your emotional appetites. When you are clear about these, you are in control, and eating choices are easier.

The habit of "dieting" create pools of emotions based on self-doubt. Doubt pushes deep emotional buttons that are experienced as fear, envy, anger, desire, vindictiveness, ambition, and even stubbornness. These negative emotions are ones we turn on our selves, and they always create some kind of renewed self-doubt and fear. Fear exaggerates our emotional buttons. Choosing to make your intuitive connection makes fear tiny.

Intuitive eating focuses on enjoying food for quality of life. Using your intuition, you stay clearly in the present, and recognize the experience of your emotional hunger, and the need to feed your physical hunger. As you feed your body intuitively, notice how you feel- when you open your eyes in the morning and throughout the day- about your self, about your body, and about your choices. Even though eating relates to nourishing your body for strength and health, making your intuitive connection is a choice that connects with your heart.

Your intuition will never desert you. There is always another chance to listen to your inner voice and do the right thing. Choose to feed your dream body. Be true to your heart.

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