Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trade Stress for Satisfaction

I am so excited to share what changed my life from feeling trapped to knowing that I'm in control of my choices. It was connecting with my intuition, and you can do it too!

Learning how to recognize intuitive cues from my body helped me trade stress for satisfaction.  Am I Really Hungry will guide you out of the traps of dieting to the life changing satisfaction of self-control.

There are 3 requirements: stop "dieting", tune-in to your body and start trusting your 6th sense.

Intuitive eating frees your mind from trying to control your body. It does this because it's something you sense (like seeing or hearing) not something you think about. That why intuition works by giving you physical cues. Eating is all about our physical being.

Because dieting imposes limits and rules on your body, it creates physical and emotional stress that ultimately you intuitively rebel against, which is why diets ultimately fail. Craving and binging are often a direct result of dieting.

It's much easier to work with your body by responding to it then to work against it by ignoring it.

Hunger is personal.  You have mental, emotional and intuitive needs to nourish along with your physical needs. All of this creates cravings. Until you recognize what you're really hungry for these are easy to confuse.

Intuitive eating is common sense. It includes checking in with your body, mind and emotions and doing exactly what feels right. Learn to connect with your body to keep weight off by recognizing intuitive cues and you won't be manipulated by unhealthy cravings.

Instead of stress you connect with self-control at mealtime and the big reward  is: you like your body and you like yourself! You can feel the relief.

Start now by using the 3minutes rule to get through confusing food cravings to connect with what you really want. It's called "Doing the Intuitive Pause".
            1. Stop yourself from being mentally manipulated.
Ignore the craving by focusing on being kind and patient with yourself for 3 minutes. Tune in to your body's needs and your state of mind. It's intuitive to respect your body by remembering your physical priorities.

            2. Notice your attitude towards yourself.
 Don't compromise who you are because you're angry, frustrated, lonely, stressed or bored. Instead, find something besides food to make you feel better.

            3. Use all of your senses to notice what's triggering your appetite.
 This includes using common sense to notice what's impacting you outside of your body. Common sense is the intuitive way of being alert.

            4. Decide how you will feel about yourself if you eat what you're craving.
 If you won't be happy with yourself an hour later, it's not physical hunger.
            5. If you recognize the food craving is from your body, then enjoy eating it by noticing how satisfied your body feels while you're eating. It's intuitive to enjoy eating. In fact, you get 70% more nutrition from food when you enjoy it!

Get more hints, cues and answers on my new website: www.AmIreallyHungry.com
I look forward to seeing you there!

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