Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weight Gains and Losses

Weight gains and losses are legendary and utterly frustrating to hear about.  We keep asking ourselves, why!? and then we go back to the old habits. We're so busy doing whatever is put in front of us, it's easy to get into ruts.
Sometimes humor is a great way to break old habits.  My daughter told me her shampoo was causing her to gain weight! I was stumped until she said, "The label says, Use for extra volume and body and it was running down my body! No wonder I'm gaining weight!" While I was blinking my eyes trying to take this in, without a beat she continued, "That's why I'm using dish soap in the shower- the label says, Dissolves fat that is difficult to remove!" 

Humor, like intuition, takes us out of our ruts with a new perspective and refreshes our thinking. We learn about ourselves. The better you know yourself, the freer you are from weight gains and losses. 

This is how intuitive eating works to stop weight swings.  It's easy because using intuition is being plugged into yourself. Your appetite is personal, just like your fingerprints or DNA. Eating is as natural as breathing and as important for your health and energy level. Instead of fighting with your body, you learn to respond to it.
Your body is not a machine and you are not generic.
That’s why only you know your best eating choices
It's intuitive to be loyal to yourself.
Intuitive eating tools keep things in perspective. They make your boundaries and personal priorities an important part of eating choices. You see yourself differently. Learn to eat intuitively and learn about yourself. It's awesome.

It's natural to recognize physical cues you're getting with your 6th sense with intuitive cues, like curiosity and dignity. They are the handrail to grab on, to keep you on track and away from yo-yo weight frustration. 

The next time you feel you're slipping and about to yo-yo, think about being loyal to you. Decide to be loyal to your body and in your heart you will feel something. That feeling, created by your loyalty, is your intuition.   

Try it. 


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