Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Healthy Eating and Junk Food

Healthy eating stands for happiness and energy. Happiness is not a constant and it's not rigid. That's why intuitive eaters are flexible with themselves about food choices. It's as important to nourish yourself emotionally as it is to eat well physically.

The secret to keeping your body looking and feeling great is balance. Balance never feels stuffed and always feels comforting. Giving yourself emotional and physical balance when you make eating choices reduces stress.

Junk food often stands for justifying what feels emotionally satisfying. How do you know? Use your intuitive tools know what you're really hungry for.

When you're aware of cues from your body, you also realize the need to nourish yourself emotionally.  If a 'junk food' represents comfort, and you know that and you eat it in moderation, can it be bad for you? Only you know the answer. Listen to your body and check in with common sense.

Use intuitive tools for clarity, instead of eating because you feel confused.

Eat for energy and health- not as an emotional band-aid.

The habit of having a junk food treat in the afternoon because you're stressed is not healthy eating. Instead it's using junk food as a crutch. A crutch is a sign of a problem.

If you notice you need a "pick-up" every afternoon, than try these:
- eat lunch an hour later then usual and make sure it includes protein
- instead of eating a candy bar, if possible leave the room and take a 3 minute walk/stretch to refresh your body.
- drink a glass of water, if you don't 'like' water mix in a small amount of fruit juice for a flavor you find satisfying, but make it at least 2/3 water.

Eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not. If you do decide that you'll have that candy bar, eat it slowly by putting it down between bites. Really savor the flavor and notice how your mouth tastes and your stomach feels. Don't feel compelled to finish the whole thing. Why not save 1/2 for another day?

Healthy eating is a state of mind that includes healthy emotions and physical comfort. You deserve that.


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