Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tiny New Years Resolutions that Last

Happy 2014! May the New Year fill you with self-confidence and the knowledge that this year, you are going to gradually lose weight.

Resolutions that are big are like meals that are big. They overwhelm our body and are doomed to backfire. Instead, here are some easy tiny resolutions for intuitive eating that guarantee long-term satisfaction with your body and an enjoyable eating lifestyle.
  • Eat with your heart. This means use all of your senses, including common sense. Take time to be sensual and you will eat less and discover truly enjoying food.
    • This takes courage because it's fun and easy. Dieting is the opposite. Break the habit of diet-induced fear. Decide to stop denying what feels good. It feels good to respect your whole body - including your heart.
  • Look at the big picture. See each meal as your next step along the path to permanent weight maintenance. Unless you are running for your life - another meal is just a few hours away. Eat less. Enjoy the freedom of not being bogged down with food. Listen to your heart.
    • You inner voice is not judgmental and will always be protective. Thinking about eating strictly in terms of calories or rigid diets keeps you in your head which misses the point eating with your heart. Sometimes your inner voice feels like common sense. Sometimes it will surprise you. There are no rules in Life except to honor yourself. Your body always lets you know what you actually need. 
      • Take 3 deep breaths if you are unsure about whether you are still hungry. Look at what you've had and notice what you notice. Ignoring what you notice doesn't change what you see. Listen to your eyes. You will know.
  • Talk more when during mealtime. Hunger is emotional, social and physical. With conversation, you feed social hunger. Words, laughter and camaraderie are surprisingly satisfying.
    • You will discover some of your eating habits annoying to you! It's your choice to let go of them. Don't let food get in front of personal satisfaction or long-term goals for your health. By socializing, we learn that sharing moments with others is liberating. Use this sense of freedom to eat with your heart.
Tenacity is the intuitive commitment to yourself that creates opportunities for success. Use it to take some tiny steps and trust that they are safe. Depend on your common sense. There is a fact about human nature, that until we believe we are doing the right thing, there is the chance we will draw back. Don't take that chance. It's new year! Step forward into the magic of 2014!

Make a commitment to eat with common sense and listen to your heart. 
Don't trust anything that doesn't feel right to you!

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"If you can't solve a problem, it's because you're playing by the rules." P. Arden

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