Friday, January 24, 2014

Eat for Success

What is success? Is it self-control? Is it fitting into the new pair of jeans without a struggle? Is eating success knowing there's a half-gallon of chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer and leaving it there? What does success feel like? Is it comforting, a personal victory, a step on the path to satisfaction? The answer to all of these is, Yes! 

Success, whether it's climbing a mountain or pushing away a mountain of food, is about self-discipline, self-respect and smart choices. It's always about personal quality and determination. There are always options when we use our eyes with curiosity and common sense. Common sense is learning from mistakes so we don't repeat them.

Success is an attitude. Knowing how to eat when we're hungry and stop when we're not - takes attitude. Cultivate the attitude of loyalty to yourself.

Think of eating as a sport. Intuitive fitness is a body-mind connection.
  • Tune-in with your senses for safety and satisfaction when you're around food.
  • Don't disconnect from your heart when you eat. You won't succeed. Every sport takes heart. Our hearts connect with dignity, self-respect and personal strength. Access these for eating success.
  • Go after what you want for yourself by respecting your body, heart and spirit. Eat to get strength. Forgive your mistakes. Never give up.
No matter how tough we are, there are struggles. Satisfaction is not giving in to frustration, social pressure or self-pity. Show yourself how good you are by being the best you can be. You are the only one responsible for what you eat. Don't let eating be a blind habit. Instead, see it as a sport. Eat for success.

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