Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Diet

The newest diet that works takes us back to old eating rules. Feed your heart, your head, your spirit and then your body at every meal - and you will lose weight. The new diet is:
  1. Eat Less, Talk More
  2. Isolate Less, Socialize More
  3. Trust Less, Protect Yourself More
Of course, fifty years ago, general obesity wasn't a problem. Here are some reasons why:
  • Plates were smaller.
    • Filling up a smaller plate makes it seem like we are eating a lot. 
    • Try to find plates that are only 12 inches across and enjoy a full plate of food with every meal. 
  • People did not watch television while they ate. Instead, they talked to each other.
    •  Making mealtime social takes the edge off of loneliness and feelings of isolation. The result is less bingeing.
    • Sharing the enjoyment of good food is satisfying and leads to other kinds of mutual pleasure.
  • Food had less chemicals and was not genetically modified. Diets varied by season.
    • It was easier to get healthy foods and, because our organs are always regenerating, the variety of food fed physical needs. 
    • Today we can no longer trust that foods which appear pretty, are healthy for us. Fifty years ago, the worst ingredient in a frozen dinner was MSG. Today, chemicals in foods make us crave salt, sugar and oil. Some people say the greed of food manufacturing companies has created the obesity epidemic.
      • If a label is loaded with words that you don't understand, don't buy the package. Today, we need to protect ourselves from the greed.  
      • Instead of eating strawberries in the winter, eat apples. Eating what is in season is the best way of avoiding modified, chemically altered foods.
        • Make the effort to balance how you choose what to put in your body. It's worth the time and leads to losing weight naturally and having more energy. 
Don't be sabotaged by habits, laziness or corrupt manufacturing practices. Use all of your senses, including common sense, to take control of eating options and long-term results. Download Am I Really Hungry? for intuitive insights to help deal with frustration, stress and misleading diet dogma that sabotage losing weight.

It's time for us to Get Some Satisfaction!

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