Friday, January 17, 2014

Eat for Fun

When eating isn't fun, it's a problem. Fun feels good, tastes good and keeps us smiling. How can we eat for fun and not overeat? When does fun stop and personal abuse begin? Why do some people get to eat 'whatever' they want and not gain weight? How can I take control of my diet and still have fun?
  • To eat for fun, know what puts a smile on your face. Is it food? No. Food is strictly nourishment for your body.
    • Feed social hunger.  Symptoms are loneliness, boredom and frustration. Food can't satisfy social hunger.
      • Don't eat when you're alone. When we talk with others at mealtime, we eat less. 
      • Instead of snacking in your free time, use it to play with your pet, appreciate nature, call relatives, take a cat-nap, take a power walk. Burning energy will feel like fun.
      • Schedule to volunteer once a week to help others. Being appreciated is when you share energy with another or many others. It can be a smile, a thank you, a pat on the back or just eye contact. This energy connection feels like fun.
  •  Take control of what's fun. Taste what you eat.
    • Taste is a source of pleasure. Oral gratification includes taste and smell.
      • Feed physical hunger. Symptoms include hollow feelings in your stomach, fatigue, pangs and lack of concentration. Food satisfies this.
        • Smell what you're eating and notice the reaction in your body. Our bodies are always sending signals about what we need.
        • Take small bites to taste better and get the pleasure. Eating fast means less nutritional benefit and you miss out on the oral gratification.
        • Eat with the idea in your mind that you want to enjoy the pleasure of your food. Don't let time, other people, work or TV remove this option. Make pleasure your choice.
  • Be good to yourself. See eating as an investment in your future - a way to get more energy, to have healthier skin, to increase sex drive. Choose what to eat based on what you care about.
    • Discover who you are. When it comes to fun or to hunger - we are all unique. It's common to underestimate how much we eat when eating is a habit or a reaction to stress. Tune-in to what's making you feel hungry. Be curious and be honest with yourself. 
      • If you have trouble being clear about what you're eating, keep a food journal to help break the cycle of food denial.
    • Intuitive thinking is how to understand the source of hunger. It's the answer to undoing internal traffic jams that cause binging, overeating and emotional eating.
      • Get curious about how you feel and what you think about what you eat. Write it down. You might be surprised. 
To get lots of helpful tips for transforming from a dieter to an intuitive eater, download Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet: Intuitive Eating.  Learn how to recognize and take control of frustration, temptation and social pressure. It's time to have fun!
  • Learn to satisfy your intuitive appetite for clarity, balance and protection. These are your source for personal success, enthusiasm and fun.  
  • Learn to forgive yourself and Carry On! Alcohol has lots of calories, but music and dancing have zero. Dance more!

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