Sunday, March 11, 2012

Morning After Binge

Recently, I've been asked:
  • Why do I feel so hungry in the morning after an evening of non-stop eating? Shouldn't I feel full instead?
You feel hungry because the food you binged on was not what your body needed for nourishment. When you eat because you're stressed, frustrated, angry or bored, it has nothing to do with nourishing your body. Imagine if you put the wrong gas in your car, even if you overflow the tank - it won't run.
  • Why does my body feel so sluggish and bloated? What happens physically?
Physically, you've clogged your pipes. When you eat without noticing how your body feels, you're abusing yourself. Even though your body is efficient, it still has to sort through, digest and get rid of the evening's onslaught.
  • Why does this affect my mood, outlook and self-esteem? I feel like I'm a failure, have no self worth, and that this negative downward spiral seems to be my destiny - a life of self-inflicted ups and downs - all caused by abusing food.
It's frustrating to feel out of control. Your mood, outlook and self-esteem are not the result of abusing food. Instead they are the result of abusing yourself.  Your body is not an object, it's a very real connection with your heart and psyche. The first rule of intuitive eating is to protect yourself. It's part of your survival instinct. 

Use the intuitive tool of patience to give yourself grace. When you're patient- instead of angry with yourself, you can understand what pushes your button and how to protect yourself against it the next time. Once you use patience, you will discover you feel more peaceful. Then use the intuitive tool of foresight for self-defense. Make a plan to protect yourself.
  • Why do I want to punish myself by abusing my body and my heart?
You don't! However you have been programmed by diet programs to believe eating certain foods is "bad" and that you are "bad" for craving them.  Programming whether it's from our parents, media or programs is inner dialogue that runs like a script in our heads. Your inner voice is your intuition. It may warn you with a gut feeling but it will never lead you to punish yourself. Read the sections Am I Really Hungry that explain how to know the difference between your inner voice (intuition) and inner dialogue (media/parents/programs). Use the index and get in-depth answers.
  •  Why is so hard to regain control after several days of overeating? 
You may have all kinds of chemicals and sugar in your system keeping you out of touch with your body. If you're finding you're uncontrollable, treat food like a drug. If this drug is screwing with your body, it's destroying your health. Without your health, you cannot live.

Confusion caused by a chemical imbalance is hard to deal with. It's time to use tough love which is doing what is right instead of what is easiest. Read the chapter called Satisfaction in Am I Really Hungry to get some clear ways to do this.
  • How can I get back in touch with my intuition and break this cycle?
Life is always going to have unexpected stresses. Forgive yourself and allow yourself to get back in sync with your body and mind. Focus on using your 5 senses when you're around food. When you feel an emotional drive to binge, take control by giving yourself 3 minutes to use foresight and patience. Make a commitment to honor yourself. Every day, every meal is a new opportunity to recommit to protecting yourself.

Listen to your body. Ultimately your body has a 'mind' of it's own and is clear about what feels satisfying and what foods make you physically at peace.

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"If you can't solve a problem, it's because you're playing by the rules." P. Arden

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