Sunday, December 18, 2011

When self-discipline fails.. PHAT

We all have those moments when the effort to put on the brakes is too much. Here's the intuitive way to fulfill your inner baby and protect your real-time body:

Start easy.
Bypass the emotional hot buttons to connect with your body when frustrated with temptation by relying on the intuitive basics - your physical senses. 
Pamper yourself by eating sensually. 
Just use one sense: Taste.
  • Taste what tempts you and really savor it. 
  • Make love to your food with your tongue.  Do it slowly.
  • Taste what you eat as if it's your last meal.
  • Search for pleasure and satisfaction

Intuitive eating is sensual and very seductive in a satisfying way. 
It's when you zone into your body and what feels good with every bite. 
There is nothing forbidden, but lots that's pretty, hot and tempting. 
Enjoy eating, and enjoy yourself by tuning-in to what you taste. 
Pamper yourself with pleasure and dignity. Be sensual and get satisfaction. As you use your intuition you gain a permanent weightless understanding of yourself and you lose weight.

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Self-discipline is a handrail to grab to stay clear about where we want to get. But sometimes our goals are hard to reach. We're too tired, or our inner baby just wants to eat cake. That's when the only available transportation is a leap of faith.
  • Have faith that you deserve a body that is healthy and feels good. 
  • Trust that it's worth the short-term frustration of ignoring your inner baby to have the long-term result of liking yourself. 
  • Take the leap when you can't deal with self-discipline and you'll discover yourself smiling.  


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