Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's time to feel the joy!

Stop being manipulated! Old school diet plans manipulate you with guilt and doubt so that you become emotionally starved and binge out of frustration! It's the opposite of joy.

Aren't you ready to feel the joy?

In truth, eating is strictly physical. Step into the 21st century by using intuitive tools to be clear about what will give you the best quality of life. Intuitive eating is all about you.

Feeling joy is an obvious key to quality of life. By using curiosity and foresight for perspective and protection around food, you can stay clear about your priorities. You'll feel the joy of self-control!

Many holiday foods can fuel your body and streamline your life. Eat with the purpose of achieving best quality of life.
To do this:
Eat less, but eat variety.
Take 'tastes' and savor them.
Pause to notice what you eat.
Don't feel a need to try everything at one time.
Listen to your body, not your emotions.
Trust your intuition.

The following 'super foods' have more nutrition per calorie and high levels of antioxidants and phytochemicals. According to authorities, they protect you against cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, diverticulosis and cataracts.

Super Food list:
Chocolate: dark (at least 60%) is best, enjoy a few bites
Nuts: a small handful, well chewed will give you long-term energy
Pumpkin & Sweet Potatoes: mega vitamins for your immune system
Pomegranate: anti-inflammatory, benefits the nervous system, inhibits tumor cell growth
Cinnamon: helps maintain healthy blood sugar level, considered anti-bacterial
Cranberries: high in vitamin C which is why it's tart, eat in moderation
Nutmeg: have in small doses, can enhance sleep and help regulate anxiety
Brussels Sprouts: especially  protective against cancer

Enjoy food at parties by eating for quality of life. Use your intuition to see the big picture.

Using intuitive tools like curiosity and foresight puts you in control by giving you long-term perspective. See yourself healthy and fit. Have tips, tricks and techniques on your phone 24/7 for support.   Feel in control and feel the joy!

It's easy. Intuitive eating keeps you aware of what you eat, so you can demand, expect and create the quality of life you want. You can't buy good health, but you can enable it.

At mealtime, use your all of your senses, including common sense, to relate what you think with what you physically feel.  You'll discover that using your mind to fuel your body protectively, becomes automatic.

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