Monday, May 30, 2011

Bad Habits and Intuitive Tools

Bad habits are self-defeating. Use intuitive tools to stay clear about what drives eating choices and blows bad habits away. The purpose of intuition  is to reveal our priorities and boundaries for the best quality of life. 

Using intuition to stay healthy makes sense.

Intuitive tools are inborn guides to natural health for you to trust and lean on, like the way you use a handrail to help you up the stairs. When you hold onto the handrail, even if you slip -- you won't fall. Using  intuitive tools is the beginning of shedding bad habits. You won't fall back into the habit of yo-yo dieting.

If you want to lose weight by eating intuitively, but you're not committed to the experience, this means you don't trust yourself. This bad habit is awful. You experience it as a hopeless attitude about yourself and may feel isolated - which is not real. When we fall into the trap of bad habits, we're living in the past.

Dieting creates the bad habit of being tense at mealtime. Intuitive thinking connects you with natural inner strength. Inner strength feels like a calm awareness. Imagine being relaxed when you sit down to eat. That's intuitive eating.  

It's intuitive to eat for energy. That's being in sync with your body. Think of energy and strength like a river. When you are in sync with your body, the flow is natural and the current (your intuition) keeps you moving toward your destination. When you fight with or restrict your body, there are blockages or overflowed banks (weight gain).

Take the plunge, connect with your inner voice and trust yourself! Stop fighting with your body; learn to respond to it. Use intuitive tools to lose weight. You won't regret it -- guaranteed.

Start trusting yourself by using your senses to stay in touch with what's real, and you won't be eating because you're lonely. Kick bad habits out of your life by staying on track with intuitive thinking.

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