Sunday, May 15, 2011

Instant Gratification and Diet Hype

  • Change that lasts requires a long-term commitment from you. Instant gratification is a myth.  
  • Diets promise we'll lose 5-10 lbs a week and have our ideal body in a month. The truth is: it won't happen. 
  • Losing 5-10 lbs by starving yourself now will boomerang and end up around your middle by April.  Aren't you tired of losing and gaining weight?
Believing the myth of instant gratification means ignoring what's real. If something sounds to good to be true, it is too good to be true. If you believe you will get permanent results by ignoring your body, mind and gut - you're being manipulated. That's how you get trapped by dieting. Instead, you can connect with your body. 
  • Your body is more efficient than the most advanced super-computer.
  • Your body is always working to heal and create energy.  
  • Your body is always a reflection of what you sense. 
Long-term weigh loss and real nourishment is  achieved when you're in sync with yourself. Intuitive eating keeps relating to yourself with an open mind. It feels liberating.
  • Make a commitment to yourself. Be determined.
  • Connect with messages from your body and senses at mealtime. Physical needs and food boundaries will become obvious.
  • Go for real gratification.  That will make you feel good.
Don't buy-in to hype about the need to eat what, you don't want ,when you're not hungry, because of a scale or a clock or a book. It's a myth to manipulate you to buy-in to a program. Everyone's body DNA is unique and you need to respond to yours. The answers are very personal & custom tailored what your body needs. 

Don't buy-in to media hype about instant gratification.  
Since your body is a natural system, it requires time to process change.  
Only slow progress endures because you're organic. Trust yourself.
Long-term organic change takes determination and trusting your senses. It takes time.
Mental and emotional effort burn calories.
  • Eating intuitively  tunes-in to your your answers. Try using your senses and intuitive tools like determination to keep an open mind about what you're really hungry for.  You will know yourself better and learn to recognize when you're hungry and when you're not. That's instant gratification.

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