Sunday, June 12, 2011

Say a prayer.

Feed your soul  and say good-bye to unwanted weight.

I received an e-mail from a woman I'm coaching to be an intuitive eater. She's started to silently say a prayer of appreciation before every meal and believes it's why her body's feeling healthier and she's losing pounds. 

If you're ready to lose weight and stop yo-yo dieting, feed your soul. 
Appreciate your food, whether it's humble or fancy. This feeds your soul.

Because you can eat when you feel hungry while others can't,
say Thank You before you eat.  
The more you feed your soul, the less your body weighs. It's a fact.

Intuitive eating is feeding your whole self. This shows self-respect for your mind, body, soul and heart. You're an amazing, beautiful and complex person. Appreciating who you are, and what you have, puts you in touch with your intuition. Try it.

If you wonder what you have, start with your 5 senses and be thankful your eyes can read this. You can hear the voice of someone you love, touch the hand of a child, feel the sunlight on your face or groom a pet. Saying a prayer of appreciation is simple and powerful.

The real way to be your healthy weight is to feed yourself differently.
When your treat your body with kindness,  you are feeding your heart love
Appeciate your whole self in the morning when you wake up. 
When you eat, ask yourself: What am I hungry for? 

You can discover how your intuition works and gain access to health and fitness, and end 'dieting' for good.  Am I Really Hungry?  teaches how to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not. This book is the foundation of my IntuEating for success programs which I will soon be talking about.

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with appreciation...

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