Sunday, July 13, 2014

Three Results from Eating Tiny Bites

Tiny bites are the secret to eating less. But is it practical to eat in tiny bites?

3 Results from Eating Tiny Bites

(1)      We absolutely eat less.  
  • The physical reason we eat less is that we give our body time to signal us that we're full. 
  • We don't have time to eat as much, but we do have time for enough.
  • The emotional reason we eat less is it feels good to pamper ourselves in ways that are good for our body. It's good to indulge the need to take control. Tiny bites is you taking control.
(2)      We get more pleasure from eating. 
  • More physical pleasure happens by putting less in our mouth, because we allow our whole tongue to experience the flavors released when we chew. This also has the physical benefit of letting digestive enzymes that naturally exist in our mouth begin breaking down food. Eating tiny bites creates more efficient digestion, so we get nutrition out of what we eat. 
  • The emotional reason for more pleasure is we're taking care of ourselves. We're nurturing our health, our self-image and our state of mind. 
  • If we're eating with a partner, a sexy benefit of small bites is the tease, sharing the taste sensations and going back for more. It's especially fun with dessert!
(3)      We eat what we want.
  • Physically this is intuitive eating. Because we're taking tiny bites and tasting them, we can tell if our body is pleased. We can also tell if the food is too greasy, salty or sweet to be really enjoyable. If you eat tiny bites and don't like the taste, don't eat it. Listen to your body.
  • Tiny bites allow us to tune into our priorities. We're more comfortable with our choices. When we're comfortable, we savor our food. It's good to be good to you.
Tiny bites and savoring our food are sexy and time-consuming. When you don't have time for all the fun, here is how to take control when you eat tiny bites:
  • When rushing, take control by dividing your portion, eating only 1/2, but still take tiny bites. You will discover you feel satisfied and not 'loaded down' when you continue your day.
  • When watching TV, don't put the whole meal in front of you. Put food on a small plate or in a tiny bowl instead. When you want more, get up and get it. The act of getting up between bites burns calories. If you're too busy watching your show to get up, you're full. Stop eating and enjoy TV.
  • When starving the way to take control is to remove the temptation to gorge. 
    • Eat with a teaspoon or small fork. 
    • Do not stuff your mouth under any circumstances. Put your hands in your lap between bites.
    • Cut a sandwich into four pieces and then cut each piece in half. Eat one piece at a time. Put your hands on your lap between bites. 
After eating tiny bites you won't get that 'full' feeling. Instead you will be filled and happy. Best of all you will have taken control of your choices, your time and peace of mind. You decide if it's practical.


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