Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence and Eating

Today is independence day. We can flip a switch in our minds to connect with eating independence by tuning-in to what we sense, how our body feels and what makes us happy. Sound simple? It is!

  • Independence feels like freedom and self-respect. 
  • Tuning-in connects us with intuitive signals.
  • Intuition is the source of our self-respect. 
  • Self-respect keeps us safe, happy and in tune with our heart, mind, body and soul.
The pleasure of being in control when we eat feels like freedom. Convenient intuitive signals help us recognize what feels right every time we eat. It's convenient to be curious. We take control of our personal fate by being curious.
  • Curiosity is looking closer and hearing more. 
    • It includes looking closer at how we feel physically and emotionally.
  • Food choices based on curiosity are a spontaneous response to what we sense.
  • Curiosity is keeping a flexible attitude and open mind. Forget rules. Trust your gut.
Use independence to imagine your ideal, healthy, body image. Make a commitment to notice and respect your personal boundaries. Use the inner intuitive signal -- tenacity -- to work with this vision and connect with your dreams.
  • Tenacity is power that is easy access.
  • Use it with curiosity to stay focused on eating choices that feel good to your mind, body and heart.
  • Tenacity creates momentum that builds inner strength. The more we depend on it, the stronger we become. Independence becomes a way of life.
Celebrate your independence by being your best self. There is always something exciting, admirable and inspiring about a person who's committed to doing what feels right. Don't be surprised if your choice to trust your gut inspires others to join in. It's not always easy to be the best we can be. But since we only get rewarded when we refuse to give up, it's worth the effort! 
"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile and sometimes your smile is the source of your joy." ~Thich Nhat Hanh


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