Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eat less; taste more.

Stop struggling with your body to lose weight.  Why not love yourself, eat less and taste more instead? It's much easier.

Taste is personal and so is our body. Our bodies are designed to be part of a flow. Just like our hearts, internally everything has a rhythm. Ignoring who we are inside doesn't change it. It's easier to identify with who we are and then be good to ourselves.

Starving, binging and overly ambitious self-discipline are all hostile to our body. When we do these to our selves, instinctively our body feels physically threatened. This releases a protective hormone that signals our system to grab a layer of fat for survival.  It may sound crazy, but that's what happens.

From a sensual intuitive perspective, the point of eating is pleasure and satisfaction.

Eating for pleasure is all about taste. Besides enjoying that moment when the perfect taste of your choice explodes on your tongue, taste includes sharing that sensual experience. We are all sensual beings. Eating is a perfect time to let that part of us shine. Find someone whose tastes match yours and split your favorite meal. If you're really close, feed each other. Be sure to include eye contact because this makes the taste experience even more amazing.

The kind of satisfaction our body gets from eating is finding more energy, physical comfort and good health. None of these can be forced. Instead, eat less and taste more. When we really taste our food, it takes less food for us to feel satisfied.

Be kind to you. Decide to give yourself the chance to lose weight naturally by enjoying food more! While your body is personal it is also an efficient, independent machine with systems, connections and its own way of keeping you alive. Work with yourself and watch the results!


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