Sunday, June 8, 2014

Doing Dessert

Do eat dessert! Dessert is a celebration of good food and a good life.  

My grandmother always said, "Be sure to leave room for dessert." Because of this, I learned not to eat until I was stuffed. Saving room for dessert is a lifelong habit, with surprise benefits! Having an eye on dessert makes portion control of the entree sensible. Do eat dessert with a spirit of appreciation. Enjoying dessert sets a tone of appreciation that echoes in every relationship.

I never realized 'desserts' is 'stressed' spelled backwards. 
Here's how to enjoy dessert without stress.
  • D --  Do the right thing. Eat with self-respect.
  • E --  Enjoy every mouthful. Use your tongue to satisfy the drive for flavor.
  • S --  Smile more when you are having dessert. Celebrate! Feel the goodness. 
  • S --  Stop between each mouthful. Put down your fork or spoon and savor the sweetness.
  • E --  Engage in eye contact while you're enjoying the sweet. Enjoy sensual syncing.
  • R --  Remember, it's fortunate to have dessert when there is so much hunger in the world
  • T -- Take your time. You may discover that you don't need to finish dessert. Dessert is a treat!



HikerRD said...

Love this. Just would have preferred an image of a pastry, for instance!

Jane Bernard said...

Ummmm, next time I'll post a chocolate croissant. :)