Friday, May 2, 2014

What do you notice?

Do you notice what matters to you? When you do, Life gets easier, better and often sexier.

Intuition takes what we notice with our senses and kicks it up a notch, making things clearer.  Tuning-in to what we sense when we eat is as simple as opening our eyes.

When we notice what we see, hear and feel, we take control of our choices. Only you know what feels best inside your body. Only you know how you feel when you sit down to eat. Notice what you notice. It's liberating.

  • Shaking up eating routines makes it easier to notice messages from our body. 
    • Now that it's spring, why not make lunch your main meal and have a light dinner? 
    • Try eating ethnic food once a week to wake up your palate. The more we taste at mealtime, the more efficient and healthier our digestion!
  • Don't eat because it's "time to eat". 
    • The only time to eat is when your body needs fuel.
Eating out of habit is a silly way to put on weight. Eating when you're hungry is how to stay in sync with your metabolism.
  • Make the choice to take control of your eating by noticing how you feel.  
  • Connect with your senses to be sure about what you really want.
It doesn't make sense to plan what we're going to eat in advance. A lot can happen in our lives in a few minutes that changes everything. We can't really know what we'll feel like eating in 6 hours. Even when we cook for a family, there are times to be flexible. Notice what's going on that changes your appetite and eat accordingly.

Intuition is our 6th sense. Like seeing, hearing, taste, touch and smell, intuition is a total reflection of what's happening right now. The job of intuition is to protect our choices so that we honor our body, heart and being. We often experience our 6th sense as a gentle, persistent urge. It's easy to ignore, just like it's easy to ignore what we see and hear.

Make a commitment to yourself to notice what you notice, and see what happens.
It's not expensive or time consuming to be in sync with yourself.  In fact, it feels good.

Trust your intuition when you connect with your body at mealtime. Don't rush yourself. Notice what matters to you.
Eat when you're hungry. Stop when you're not.
You'll feel good about it. 


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