Friday, May 16, 2014

4 steps to ideal weight

If you were your "ideal" weight today, how would your life be different?

This is a trick question. "Ideal" is a direct connection with our state of mind!  

Do heavy thoughts make us physically heavy? Heavy thoughts distort priorities so that we don't make good decisions. When our emotions control thinking, the result is self-sabotage. Next comes exhausting cycles of gaining  and losing weight. Can we think ourselves slim? It helps to imagine ourselves an ideal weight- but only if we stay real. 
1. Be flexible about food choices.
  •  Healthy eating is a physical response to hunger. Habits are NOT the secret of healthy eating. Variety is. If you are in the habit of eating cut-up fruit with cottage cheese for lunch every day, this may not be healthy. Our bodies are always tearing down and rebuilding. Skin is often a mirror of what's happening inside.The way to know if an eating habit is a rut and not ideal, is to notice how you look and feel an hour after the meal. If you start to get hungry and look stressed - your habit is a rut. When a meal is 'healthy', our body is satisfied for hours! Healthy eating happens when we stay in tune with our body.
2. Don't force yourself to identify with an image that is not you.
  • Being Physically Active is a signal of physical health. When we are stationary for long periods of time, our internal signals get confused. The body is an amazing machine that works best when it's recharged by simple physical activity, like walking. You may discover, if you want a snack between meals, that a walk around the block 'kills' your craving. Instead of grabbing something to eat to calm an odd feeling in your stomach, take a walk to help your system make connections you need internally for more efficient calorie burning and digestion. 
3. Respect your courage to trust your body.
  • A Good Appetite is a sign of good health. Often, a good appetite is satisfied by less than we consume. The trick is to eat what we need, not what is easy or looks prettiest. Think about it. Protein is the most satisfying food we can eat. Many dieters are protein deficient, making them crave sugar for instant energy - that then, brings them down hard. For ideal weight, eat protein first at mealtime. Then enjoy greens and carbs. If you want to lose weight, skip carbs or just eat a half portion.  
  • Chew more, eat less. Close your mouth when you chew. People who talk with food in their mouths are rarely an ideal weight. Put down the food, spoon or fork, when you talk. This way, talking more at mealtime means eating less.
4. Be Thankful for every meal. A lot of people we see, go through their days hungry. Appreciation of what we have balances our perspective. Gratitude builds self-confidence.
  • State of Mind is the lens we live through. Ideal weight is personal. Be kind to yourself. Choose to be healthy, active and smart about eating choices, and you will have a positive state of mind. Don't buy-in to dogma or media hype. Beauty begins in the heart and comes through our eyes. Love yourself with kindness. This makes you receptive to your ideal weight,  patience, self-control and variety. Life is beautiful.
Give yourself every chance to be your ideal weight. Every body is a unique shape. Ideal means: Healthy, Physically Active, Good Appetite and Positive State of Mind. If you believe Life will be better if your weight is 'ideal', tune-in to determination and it will happen. 

An easy way to fine-tune your senses is: Fine Tuning Connecting with Your Inner Power


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