Friday, March 7, 2014

Diet Crisis: Frustration, 4 Tips

A diet crisis can happen if we're frustrated or even when feeling good! Either way, it's going off the track of what we really want, and it feels lousy. Stuff happens; we're human. It's time to keep moving forward. Don't get stuck in a diet crisis.

The way to start moving forward is to forgive yourself
Do it to reconnect with the relief of momentum! 
Remember, no matter where you are, if you don't keep moving, you won't reach your goal.

Here are tips for staying on track. They are intuitive, and easy to remember when you feel a crisis. Before you begin eating, especially when you feel frustrated, always take 2 slow deep breath in and out. Look at the food and see what feels right to you. This connects you with your intuition and your body.

4 intuitive tools to connect with calm and relief:
  • Patience with yourself ends frustration and helps overcome the temptation to give up. It is an opportunity to prove yourself to you, to be all that you can be. Patience connects with the big picture. This keeps our attitude flexible and we feel less pressure.
  • Determination to follow through is deep inside each of us. You can call on it by remembering that you are worthy of fighting for. Fight for yourself by eating just enough and no more. Listen to the voice of determination that lives in your heart. This creates the comforting feeling of balance and control.
  • Dignity to honor yourself is especially helpful if you feel frustrated, deprived or sorry for yourself. Dignity directly connects with determination. This means when you try to feel dignified when frustration happens, you will get an extra assist from your intuition to honor yourself. You will discover an inner attitude of gratitude that takes away your appetite.  Dignity is a guide to see, do, feel and be what is best.
  • Prudence is like comparison shopping. It connects with common sense and is very helpful for shedding self-disappointment, frustration or doubt. It is the intuitive way to recognize that there are always options. Frustration connects with a self-defeating victim mentality. Prudence guides us to see choices. It  keeps our minds open.  In fact, determination proves that there is always another option, and prudence is a stress-buster.
There are ten organic, intuitive tools that are amazing for getting rid of frustration at any time. Find them in chapter 15, 'Frustration', in Am I Really Hungry? 6th sense diet: Intuitive Eating.

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