Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why Binge?

Binging is caused by real heartache. We may feel hurt, frustrated, ignored, alone, disappointed or violated. It feels like confusion magnified by self-doubt. We binge because we're searching for a feeling. That feeling is our heart connection, and it's vital  for happiness and healthy eating.
Binging happens when we lose sight of our heart. Maybe we find it in the bottom of the container of ice cream, or licking the spoonful of mayonnaise? Maybe not. It doesn't matter. What matters is being willing to start over.

The person we're trying to get approval and understanding from is ourselves. The answer is: Yes! You are good. You deserve to be respected and loved. The truth is, Life is a constant experience of rising to the occasion. Be honest with yourself.

Mark Twain said, "A man cannot be satisfied without his own approval."  Am I Really Hungry? is a handbook full of easy ways to recognize what you really want and how to achieve this goal.

We all have real needs that can feel like hunger. Hunger can be physical, emotional, social or intuitive. We may eat to release stress or hold on to a memory. When we know what we're hungry for and how to get it, satisfaction feels like self-control.
Why not give yourself a chance? We only fail when we give up.

Losing our heart connection feels like a 'bad mood'. Certain foods may end bad moods.  Next time you notice a disconnect, ask yourself what you really want. Then, find your favorite binging buddy - perhaps ice cream - and enjoy a normal serving because you deserve sweetness and love from yourself. Being good to yourself is the first step towards defeating a habit of binging.

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