Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Eating

People don't love eating just for the food. For the connoisseur, food alone is love, but for the rest of us, eating is a communal experience. Eating meals together, we drink each other in with our eyes, fuel our hearts with laughter and satisfy curiosity with conversation. We may learn what we need to know by a nod or a grunt. We connect and reconnect, not only with our physical selves, but also with people who share our lives. That connection is part of the delicious puzzle of love

Often, dieters hate eating because it represents restrictions, boring food choices or frustration. That attitude causes weight gain, binging, depression and anger. It's the opposite of love.

Intuitive eating is an attitude of self-respect, tough love and personal transformation. It's a direct connection with liking the way you look and feel. You may discover that you love eating because you like being good to yourself.

It's intuitive to love eating. If you find you've lost the love, now is the perfect time to reclaim it. Let yourself evolve into a more delicious person by giving up soul draining resentment and picking up good vibrations, like courage and dignity, when you're around food. Feed your soul some love. You deserve it. Instead of feeling deprived or hostile around food, try this:
  • Tune in to the excitement of taking control of your choices. Eat less, but talk more.
  • Talk about the taste. Ask other people what they think. If you're a parent, this is especially smart with kids. It slows down eating, creates easy conversation and tunes them in to their bodies.
  • Choose to feel worthy. Honor yourself by not giving in to negative feelings. Turn fear about eating into a focus on sensual enjoyment. Feel the love.
Eating connects us with personal satisfaction, good health and added energy. When you choose to be a sensual eater, you'll discover eating is easy to love.  As you use your senses to really taste, smell and feel how good food is:
  • Your body digests food more efficiently. 
  • You burn more calories. 
  • You eat less.
Eating is the opportunity to tease your senses with pleasure and bring comfort to your body. By sharing the physical pleasures of taste and smell at a good meal with others, we automatically feed emotional hunger. Eating connects us with each other. That's something to love.

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