Sunday, February 5, 2012

Overeating hurts! Eating is supposed to feel good.

You go out with friends to feel good. If you focus on food at a party, instead of feeding your present physical, social or emotional hungers, it doesn't feel good. Overeating is a trap because it never feels good physically or emotionally. 
To stay your healthy weight, remember that eating is supposed to feel good.  It's personal,  a direct response to your physical needs. It's intuitive to stay aware of how your body feels when you eat.

Is this you? :
  • I eat fast and I eat a lot so I don't miss anything. This results from a habit of starving yourself as a form of control instead of realizing your body always tells you when you're hungry and when you're full.
  • I stay by the buffet at a party because eating feels comforting. Overeating is never comforting to your body. Focusing mainly on food at a party is being dishonest with yourself because it leaves you feeling emotionally and socially starved.
  • I go for 2nds and 3rds because I have high metabolism and everyone watches how much I can eat or
  • I always talk about my diet at parties.  It's emotionally twisted to use eating to get attention, and it backfires. No one admires a pig. Also, no one really enjoys being with someone who complains about their diet or their body, instead of joining the fun.  
Intuition is action. Use intuition when you celebrate. If it feels good, do it!
  • Listen to your heart and tune in to your libido. Use all of your senses at a party to feel good while you're there and feel satisfied with yourself later.
  1. Eye contact with people opens doors that are gently exciting.
  2. Listening to conversation and adding your thoughts feels good because communication nourishes your heart.
  3. Really tasting your food slows down eating and is a way of experiencing pleasures that you notice with your mind.
  4. It's mutually satisfying to talk about pleasure. Be sensual. If the chocolate mousse is like a dream on your tongue, talk about it. 
If eating doesn't feel good to your heart or body - don't do it. Tune-in to your body and trust it by not abusing yourself. Download Am I Really Hungry? and get common sense advice that makes it easy.

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