Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I heard about a diet that encourages you to 'cheat' to lose weight!?!?  BAD IDEA. Everyone knows cheating makes you feel bad about yourself.  Only someone truly out of touch with her intuition would see cheating as a solution. It's the opposite of trusting yourself!
C stands for confused.
H stands for hurting yourself.
E stands for everyone.
A stands for angry.
T stands for trouble.

 When you ignore your intuition, you are out of sync with yourself and feel stressed. Cheating causes stress.  When you're stressed you get angry easily and everyone around you knows it. Cheat when you eat spells long term trouble. Don't be confused by the promise of a 'quick fix'. There is no such thing. 95% of people who diet gain back more weight than they lose! Cheat and you cheat yourself. Ouch.

Eating intuitively keeps you clear about your meal choices and helps you achieve and maintain a healthy body. When you're in sync with your intuition, you feel like you have more energy because you're in tune with your body and your values. You create your future when you feel clear about who you are and what matters.

C stands for clarity.
R stands for remember values.
E stands for everyone.
A stands for automatic
T stands for total body mind heart in sync.
E stands for evolution.

Trusting your body and using intuition is staying aware of who you are and what makes sense for your needs physically, emotionally and socially. Intuitive eating creates clarity that feels like balance or well-being. Balance diffuses stress and keeps long term priorities in view. Intuitive eating is creating what makes sense for your happiness and long term quality of life.

Don't buy into media hype and lies. You know what makes sense. That's why you're reading this.  Be good to yourself. Treat yourself with dignity and respect your body. Use your intuitive tools to keep clear about eating choices. It becomes automatic. You won't be stressed, and everyone will know it.

Pick up or download a copy of Am I Really Hungry? to see easy ways to protect yourself from cheating or being cheated when it comes to what matters in your life! An attitude of dignity will help you help yourself. Life is too good to cheat yourself - ever!


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