Sunday, November 20, 2011

Samson & Delilah and intuitive eating..

Do you feel like time speeds up during the holidays? 
Don't fall into the "I'm too busy to use my senses when I eat", trap! 
It's a poor excuse, which you know.

If you start feeling the holiday rush, why not use your common sense to stay connected with your body when you're eating? You have the strength to do this.
Here's a TIP to help maintain your weight during this holiday season, more than you can imagine! Start now and do it until January. Results will amaze you.
  • Use your sense of taste to control your weight. The strength you're looking for is what you taste when you're eating.
In the story of Samson and Delilah, Sampson is  a very strong warrior who falls in love with Delilah, who is a spy. As long as he has long hair, he stays in control. But she cuts off his hair, removing his strength and he is defeated. When you cut off your sense of taste by ignoring it, you lose control of your eating. You feel defeated.
  • When you choose to taste your food as you chew it, you're intuitively tasting strength. It puts you in control. 
  • This includes not eating unless it's the right environment where you can taste your food. Dpn't compromise. This may mean eating less, or just less often, and you'll be fine.
Wishing you good health and deep satisfaction~
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Eat and drink in the Thankfulness around you.
Come back refreshed.

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- The shot  below is a pre-lim part of one of 2 on-line videos I'm doing for The Learning Annex on 11/30/2011, talking about sensuous eating based on Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet : Intuitive Eating.

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