Sunday, June 19, 2011

Your Body is Talking!

Your body is talking to you. Are you listening?
Your body tells you when you're hungry and lets you know when you're not. Body language is a kind of a nudge or an ache. When you're needing to eat it's a push and when you've overeaten it feels like a kick in the gut. When you're not really hungry and you're around food, your body will communicate by feeling shut down. Learning to recognize body language guides you to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not. Listening to your body will have it and you feeling satisfied and energized!  Here are ways to stay connected with your body when you eat:
First: Be Tolerant of your whole self, body and mind, by acknowledging that you are trying hard to eat smart for your body. Part of being tolerant is forgiving the past and staying in the present.
Hey- the present is the only thing that exists right now!
When you're down on yourself you stress your body which releases hormones that make it hold onto fat!  
Listening to your body and being kind to your body  lets it relax and let go of fat!
This is a guarantee- try it! Let me know how it goes- and I'll post your results. 
 Posts will get a FREE consult with me about how to intuitively connect with your body to lose weight.
Second: Use your senses: see, smell, taste, touch, hear around food. Over eating happens when you don’t notice you're putting food into your body. Body language is loud when you tune-in. 
Let your intuition work for you.
Intuition keeps your priorities clear. It frees your mind from trying to control your body so you enjoy eating! 
Don’t wait until your body screams at you with gas or bloat pain.  Don’t wait until your body is embarrassing when you put on your bathing suit  or when you’re ready to make love. 
Listen to your body.
Be proud of your body by respecting yourself - body, mind and heart. This is how to be kind to yourself.  Eat smart by respecting your self.  Your body will be purring, and you will be happy.

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