Monday, December 29, 2014

The Most Powerful 2015 New Year's Resolution

Make this new year's resolution: "I will not doubt my inner sense of truth. "

Your intuition is more powerful than manipulative emotions because it connects with the truth. Emotions connect with what you wish was true, while intuition keeps you in touch with what is real. That's why you can feel deeply emotional around food and 'know intuitively' not to eat it. Intuitive tools, like determination, courage and dignity, protect and guide you away from self-defeating emotional eating.

Hunger is a physical reality. Binging is an emotional trap that treats your body like a second-class citizen. Ending emotional traps is intuitive. Intuition works with your body. When you use it to make eating choices, you tune in to self-respect and physical needs. Intuitive eating creates a safety zone of balance.

Use these questions to 'hear' your intuitive inner voice, your inner sense of truth.

  • Does eating this leave me feeling physically comfortable, satisfied and healthy?
    • If the answer is yes, then focus on comfort, satisfaction and health while you eat. These are intuitive.
    • You can feel when you've had enough by working with your body. 
      • Intuition balances what you think and what you want, with what you know and how you feel. Your inner intuitive voice filters out the truth.
  • Why am I eating this? 
    • Be honest with yourself about trusting your intuition. 
      • The fact is, intuition is always protective. If a choice doesn't feel 'right', it's not your intuition; it's emotional manipulation.
        • It's powerful to take control of self-defeating emotions, but it's not hard. Things that are wrong, crumble easily.
      • Learn  to feel dignity in your heart and respond to that feeling.
      • Take control this year by being courageous. 
        • You are stronger than anger or disappointment. You are stronger than sadness. 
      • Give yourself a space to be determined. Go for a short walk to cool off. Reset your perspective by noticing what you sense. Remember, the only reason to eat is because you are physically hungry.
  • What do I really want? 
    • If this is confusing, then write down what you really want and put the piece of paper where you can look at it any time.
      • Adopt an attitude of self-respect with determination and stick with it. Get what you want this year. It's time! 
    • Comfort, satisfaction and health create quality of life. Eat less, chew more. Tune in  to intuitive attitudes to feel your intuition. Even if you've ignored it your whole life, you have it. 
Remember to focus on comfort, satisfaction, and health when you eat. Use determination and self-respect to follow through with what feels 'right' Be dignified and you will stay in control. Every morning when you wake up say, "I will not doubt my inner sense of truth. " You will be a different person in 12 months!

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