Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dealing With Hunger

Diets NEVER help you know when you're hungry!  If the thought of eating begins with frustration, you're a diet victim.
  • Diets create stress that puts your mind and body in a state of confusion.
  • The result is often an emotional response - cycles of binging.
  • Emotional hunger cannot be satisfied by food
Being happy with your body is not about your weight; it's about you. Here are some facts:
    You're naturally in control of hunger by tuning-in to what you notice and how your body feels, not by following a plan where you ignore your body.
    • Eating without tasting and smelling your food and noticing how you feel, is like putting gas in your car but ignoring what the engine needs - it's destructive.
    Isn't it time to decide feeling good is worth the effort?
    It's a relief to stop ignoring your body. Eating intuitively is dealing with hunger by being in tune with yourself. Don't ignore what you feel.

    When you use your senses to relate to hunger and depend on intuitive tools like dignity and determination to stay in sync with self-respect, it feels so good that it becomes automatic.
Eating when you're really hungry is normal. Dealing with hunger is intuitive.
    • You digest food most efficiently when your body is relaxed.
    • It's logical to feed physical hunger when you eat. 
Intuition is a total support system that connects with what you value. This keeps your emotions, appetite and personality balanced.  You don't feel ignored and you don't feel like you're fighting with your body.

Believing diet myths means you pay. Discovering diet habits don't relate to your body is like learning you've been paying for something that you never received. It's a relief to stop paying. Spring is around the corner. Dump the diet plan and discover your body.

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