Sunday, March 3, 2013

Confused About Cravings

Do you worry that your craving is an addiction?  It may be. Many processed foods contain chemicals that trick your body into wanting sugar, salt or fat! Deal with this by reading labels and don't buy into the trap of chemical addiction.

Stay clear about this:
Anything that doesn't make you feel good about yourself is bad for you.

Do your cravings hit when you're stressed? Stress creates confusion that feels like angst, dread, or even loneliness or fear. These wreck havoc with emotions and as a result, you may automatically turn to salt, sugar, ice cream or pasta when you're generally stressed. Deal with this kind of craving forcefully by connecting with your inner rebel! You can end abusive stress craving by using intuitive thinking to take control of your eating.

Emotional buttons are a kind of stress and a source of cravings. Everyone has unique nutritional needs, but women tend to be 'victims' of craving binges more than men. What you eat is personal. Don't be a victim. When you recognize the difference between temptation and obsession, you can put the lid on binge eating.

It may surprise you to know that cravings can be a healthy signal! Your body doesn't play games with you. People who diet and have cravings are often protein deficient. Dieters I have worked with report, with amazement, that eating protein reduces cravings! The next time you crave salt or sugar, eat a handful of walnuts or almonds or if you're on the run, a hard boiled egg. If it's mealtime, eat meat, fish or fowl. When what you're eating doesn't satisfy you, try using the 3 Minute Rule.

You don't need to "trick your body" to stop the cravings. Instead, the next time you experience a craving, sit down, close your eyes, take a breath and listen to your body. Your body is always working and tuned in to your health and you naturally crave  what will keep it working best.

Giving up on your body is not an option. Eat for success by being aware that you always have choices. Intuitive eating is easy because it feels like common sense. When you start to relax by depending on your intuitive tools, you'll discover how to take control of cravings.

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"If you can't solve a problem, it's because you're playing by the rules." P. Arden

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