Thursday, November 15, 2012

Addicted to Food

You may think you're addicted to food, but you're not!  Knowing why you're hungry and what you're hungry for, is as important as realizing when you're hungry. Then you know what you need.
  • Food isn't addictive, emotions are. 
  • Fear and doubt are sharks that devour inner grace and cause bad choices.
  • Don't eat when you feel emotional. 
  • Emotional food addiction happens when you eat to soothe, hide or vent.
You can stop letting your emotions rule your life.   
Use intuition instead, to take back self-control.
Make social and personal pleasure a priority at mealtime.

Addiction doesn't happen if you focus on enjoying food as a way of nourishing your body and getting the most out of living. It's intuitive to enjoy eating. Eat for the pleasure of taste, touch, smell and physical comfort. That's how to love your body. Thinking about food as love makes fear and doubt small.
  •  Food is love, when it's shared and when it's savored. 
  • You eat less, when you talk about how your food tastes. 
  • You don't gorge, when you share eye contact during a meal. 
  • Take time to breathe between bites, and you'll discover your body is responding to the food.
Because eating brings physical satisfaction and takes the edge off the anxiety of starving to death, you may confuse eating with love. It's natural to be addicted to love because real love brings out the best of who you are. 
"Just as food is needed for the body, Love is needed for the soul." Osho
  • Feed your soul with music, eye contact, conversation and laughter.
  • Be grateful for little things and you will eat less. That's a promise.
"Life is what we make it. Always has been, always will be." Grandma Moses
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"If you can't solve a problem, it's because you're playing by the rules." P. Arden

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