Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stress Eating

Chronic stress is a habit of the 21st century that keeps us out of touch with our genuine priorities. It's a physical out of sync feeling we identify as fear, anger, anxiety or general insecurity.  If you're chronically stressed, eating food will prolong your suffering because it won't release the stress. Chronic stress eating includes:
  • Turning to the freezer for ice cream  - This makes problems worse. 
  • Jamming food down your throat without tasting - This it is totally unsatisfying.
  • Eating a huge mound of food because it's available but not because you feel a physical hunger - This is like shooting yourself in the foot.
When you're stressed, your whole body tightens up and hormones tell your body to hold on to fat cells just in case you're about to be attacked! By holding on to a habit of allowing chronic stress around eating, you are holding on to fat.

Chronic stress is physically released by sleep, sex, exercise and laughing. Music is also a way to release and relax your body. Tune in to music, feel your body relax and tune in to yourself.

Stress is the opposite of relaxing. Relaxing tells your body it's okay to lose weight!

Eating is supposed to be relaxing. When food is tasted and enjoyed, eating becomes a prelude to other pleasures. It opens the doors to zero calorie conversations, self-affirming eating choices and mutual excitement.  This is how to eat to nourish your whole self.

When you eat, enjoy a nice relaxed meal. You'll eat less, talk more, feel better and look your best. It's amazing how treating yourself with respect works like a vitamin!
  • Eat for pleasure
  • Eat because it feels and tastes good and
  • Be happy and relaxed with yourself. 
Stress eating is chronic eating that doesn't make sense. It's a response we learn and unfortunately adopt as habit.  Don't gain weight because of stress eating.
  • It's not fun.
  • It doesn't feel good
  • You don't like yourself when you do it.
Don't let stress be a habit. Stress as a reaction to danger makes sense. Natural stress has a clear beginning middle and end: You're threatened, you avoid the threat and the threat passes. It doesn't have anything to do with eating. 

On April 16th, I will be talking about How to Break the Cycle of Stress Eating at 9:30am central time,  streaming on  The show with former East St. Louis, Illinois Mayor, Carl E. Officer is called "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness", which is a good thought to focus on when you enjoy your next meal.

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