Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time to be liberated!

Am I Really Hungry reinvents dieting!!!!

Has any of this ever happened to you?

Diet makes you feel deprived..
You feel resentful..
You see what you want, but "can't" have..
A stressful day at work..
Frustration makes you feel bottled up..
The man or woman who you have been seeing for the past 3 months, turns out to be a lying, cheating cad..
The children need you - 24/7..
Bills piling up, but you keep buying..
You really need to talk and your cel phone just fell in a puddle..
The diet isn't working..
Life isn't predictable or fair.
You're not alone. Every day, when buttons are pushed, dieter's punish themselves with confused, self-destructive food choices.

Confusion causes self-doubt that comes out as bad decisions.

Intuitive eating keeps you in sync with yourself.

It's never intuitive to be self-destructive.If you know when you're really hungry and what you're hungry for, your 6th sense is absolutely clear about what you need.
When you know how to tune into your body around eating, there's less confusion.
When you learn how to use intuitive tools clear decision making becomes automatic because you know what really matters.
Even kids can do it.

Intuitive eating diffuses your diet hot buttons.

Recognizing what you notice with your senses can make you aware of opportunities in your life in many ways:

- help you lose weight because you are tuning into your body
- cure loneliness because you are connecting with your emotions
- improve business environment because your priorities and values are in perspective

Eating intuitively keeps you clear about your personal boundaries and about protecting yourself in all areas of your life.

Take advantage of what's easy to do. Open your eyes and follow your gut.

When food or diet hit you emotionally, use your intuition to stay in control or your choices.

Instead of feeling manipulated, you will feel liberated.

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