Thursday, April 21, 2011

Catch Spring Fever & Burn Calories

Catch Spring Fever and burn calories! Let it lift your spirits and ground your commitment to honor and respect your body, mind and heart. Spring Fever connects with vitality and new beginnings.

Spring's a time of heightened emotional response. When Spring's in the air, suddenly there's a spring to your step. Colors are more intense and daylight lingering makes evenings more seductive. It's exciting. Spring is a time we naturally re-connect with our 6 senses.  Go with it. Get excited and lose weight intuitively.

When your senses are alert, eating habits become obvious.  Emotional eating is a disconnect from your body. Spring is the time to reconnect with your body. Connect with your senses and what feels good to you. Only eat when you're hungry. 

Balance emotions with common sense. Find nourishment for all of your appetites with your eyes, ears and heart. Spring is a time of renewal for every living creature. Renew the commitment to having a healthy body by embracing all 6 senses. Resolve to move forward by staying in step with Spring.

When you connect with your body, Spring Fever really takes off!

It's a new season so try new foods that are seasonal. Go on an adventure with your nose: inhale perfumes of flowers, aromas of your meal and the scent of fresh air. Use your eyes to really look at who you love and to love your Life. This sort of emotional nourishment is surprisingly satisfying.

Everything we do burns calories, including getting excited.. who knew? Yes, it's that easy. As you depend on your intuition, you feel in sync with yourself. It feels good. Spring is a time for renewal and re-connecting. Renew your commitment to being true to yourself.
Enjoy!  :)

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