Friday, January 28, 2011

Good Carbs!?!?!?!

I like carbs. Sometimes I crave them and sometimes I crave protein. It's intuitive to crave a variety of foods. Intuitive eaters are curious to see what different eating options provide. Intuitive eating is open options. There are no rules, just tools.

I read a blog this morning about reasons carbs help you lose weight and was struck by the missing information. Immediately I connected with a power tool of intuitive eating, curiosity. Curiosity is like having x-ray vision and super hearing because it is looking closer and hearing more. This flexible open attitude is used by intuitive eaters to stay aware, in control of their weight.

Balanced eating makes sense intuitively because different organs in your body have different needs. Of course, before you eat, it's critical to check in with your body with your senses and intuition to feel if you have a craving for protein. If you do, and you want to slim down, don't combine the protein with a starch.  The reason is that when you eat a "resistant starch" alone, your body will convert that starch to a protein. But, if you mix these carbs with protein, your body will not need the carb as a protein and will convert it to a fattening starch.  

For ex: You can enjoy spaghetti with garlic and oil, or with a tomato sauce and your body will digest it as a protein. As soon as you add meat to the spaghetti, your body will digest it as a starch.

Sometimes when you feel a need for carbs, the ones called "Resistant Starches" can bring a satisfying slimming meal, especially if you have it with a light salad. Resistant starches include: bananas, oatmeal, white beans, black beans, lentils, potatoes, plantains, garbanzo beans, pearl barley, whole wheat or semolina pasta, and brown rice. 

A good carb breakfast is oatmeal, with bananas in it for sweetness, and a handful of walnuts for  your brain. Yep, walnuts, which look like tiny brains (!), are good for enhancing your brain power. I learned that using curiosity. Being curious is your intuitive way of staying aware. 

Rice and beans combined (no meat added) create a perfect protein and a satisfying slimming meal. ttp://

Don't believe everything you read. To enjoy eating and stay in control, be curious about what you eat and how your body feels at mealtime. That's intuitive eating.

To learn more about your intuitive tools read: Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet : Intuitive Eating.

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